Monte & The Pythons
"Lively on Hornby"
recorded live, Sept 29, 2001 at the Thatch Pub, Hornby Island, BC
John Wade, Monte Nordstrom, Nick Jarvie
"Monte Nordstrom & the Pythons", features John Wade on stand-up bass & Nick Jarvie on drums. The trio specializes in free flowing improvisational renditions of material in a wide variety of musical styles. Nordstrom refers to the Pythons' eclectic style as "Westcoast Roots Fusion". Heady stuff, even for Hornby Island.
    1 - Eyesight to the Blind - 6:37
    2 - Long Lonely Night - 6:57
    3 - Ghosts on a Halfmoon Night - 5:53
    4 - North All Night - 5:14
    5 - Diddly Daddy / Baby, Please Don't Go - 9:43
    6 - Into The Mystic - 5:10
    7 - Sou'wester - 4:18
    8 - Do It Again - 11:01
Monte Nordstrom's electric guitar style is frenetic & mercurial. He displays influences from flamenco/jazz master Lenny Breau, while his staccato arpeggiated speed bursts belie a post-bebop Mahavishnu/Zappa/Hendrix sensibility. Not to mention his other-worldly guitar synth textures & fluid harp lines. Add to this Monte's deep appreciation of Roots Rock, a la Stax-Sun-Chess-Muscle Shoals-Tuff Gong, etcetera & you get an idea of the scope of the Pythons' stylistic range.
John Wade's approach to the stand-up bass is very physical & engaging. He dances with the instrument, "driving the bus", so to speak. Whether in a RockaBilly rumble, a funk excursion or a cosmic space-walk, Wade leans into the groove.
Nick Jarvie on the drums is the perfect foil for Nordstrom's scattershot approach. His precisely measured fills percolate in the pocket, both anchoring & propelling the Pythons deeper into the realm of funky interplay.
Monte enthuses, "As a band we have developed a certain rapport & continue in our quest for the Perfect Groove. It doesn't matter what song is called & we have hundreds in our repertoire. Our performances are based on energy & intuition. It's inspiring to create music of this nature".
The set starts with a loose Gabor Szabo styled groove; moves into an extrapolated workout of "Eyesight to the Blind"; and features a re-working of some previously recorded Nordstrom tunes, as well as some extended workouts on material from Bo Diddley, Steely Dan, Sonny Boy Williamson & Van Morrison.
Monte explains, "We used a low-tech, cinema verite approach for the live mix. We weren't looking for airplay or recording kudos on this release. We just want to share the vibe".
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